How should I store my clothing?

Don’t store it in plastic bags.

What do I do when I spill? Should I have done something before I brought it to you?

The common thought is to use soda water or water. This can actually complicate the issue. Blot with a dry cloth only. Do not rub on the fabric as this can affect the dyes. Often, the best thing to do is nothing.

What’s involved in heirlooming?

Heirlooming is a boxing process used to safely store clothing or any textile and involves using acid free products. Any precious item can be heirloomed.

Can my vintage clothing be restored?

Yes, often times we can restore the garment. After evaluation, we can determine the best process for the garment. Please make an appointment with us so we can provide you with a personalized consultation.

Can moth holes be repaired?

Yes, our experts can reweave the cloth.

Do you clean wedding dresses?

Yes. Our process involves evaluation of the gown. This entails noting all visible blemishes including make-up, perspiration, and hem-line issues. After pre-treatment and cleaning, the gown is stored in a muslin bag for approximately 2 months where the gown is inspected regularly to check for any additional spots which might be coming up after cleaning. This ensures no surprises in 25 years when the dress might be worn again by your daughter. When the dress passes our inspections, the gown is pressed and you will be called to view the gown before it is processed.


Is there a range of pricing to have my wedding gown cleaned and heirloomed?

The average pricing ranges from $375.00 to $450.00. There are some gowns that are less and others that will be more expensive. Bring your gown in for a more thorough evaluation and quotation.

Can you press my wedding gown before my wedding?

Yes. We can take care of the entire wedding party’s garments. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to accommodate all your needs.

I have an off the rack or sample wedding gown. Should it be cleaned before the wedding?

In many cases, yes. We’ll be happy to make your gown look its best on your special day. Bring your newly acquired wedding gown in for an evaluation.

Can leather be cleaned?

Yes. We have specialists that can clean your leather goods.

Can my beaded or sequined dress be dry-cleaned?

Yes. All beads and sequins are tested prior to determine the proper process required to safely clean the garment.

What is our history?

French Hand Laundry was established in 1914 by a French couple, Marie and Rene Cottave, who wanted to provide fine laundry and dry cleaning to the carriage trade in the Pasadena area. We have evolved into a multi-faceted company who provides evaluation and cleaning for museums and Hollywood wardrobe houses. We have also established a large clientele of professional men and women who deserve to look their best… a look which comes only with hand processing and hand furnishing.

What sets apart French Hand Laundry?

We do all of our own work with in house professionals and some of our processes have been handed down for nearly a century. All pieces are individually evaluated and treated for its specific needs. Each piece goes through a series of inspections ensuring the best possible result. All parts of our process continue to be down by hand.

Does my shirt or blouse need to be starched?

We continue to use the starching process begun in 1914 and hand make our own starch using only natural products. Collars and cuffs are hand dipped to allow the shirt to breath and give you comfort. Starching garments create a fresh and crisp executive look.

Are there benefits to having French Hand Laundry do my shirts?

Yes. Over the years, we have found that the French Hand Laundry process extends the life of the shirts and helps to maintain the shirts original integrity.

We Pick Up and Deliver Too!

I’m very busy, what are my options in getting my clothing to you?

We have three options to service your busy schedule.

  1. Weekly concierge pickup and delivery service.
  2. For our customers outside of the Pasadena area, we offer mailing services.
  3. Counter service at our home store.

How long does it take to get my clothes back?

Our regular service is one week turn around. For those special situations, we will accommodate your needs.