The French Hand Laundry has been in the news lately with a recent article in Penta Magazine, a Wall Street Journal publication.  We have also been in the Best of Pasadena in 2019 and LA Magazine’s Best of Issue of 2017.

Link to Penta Magazine Story
Penta Magazine Article – November 29, 2019

And this mention in the Best of Pasadena:


French Hand Laundry

606 S. Lake Ave., Pasadena

(626) 792-3881

Your clothes don’t have to be grody for you to take them to French Hand Laundry and Dry Cleaner. If you need to preserve your image, your clothes need to be just right. It’d be a total bummer if your best threads were thrashed on your best boogie night. So get real about styling and give your threads the royal treatment.


DRY CLEANING is a tricky mistress: Sometimes it saves your garments; the other times it makes matters worse.  FRENCH HAND LAUNDRY analyzes and test items and their dyes individually, then soaks them in softened water using pure soaps.  The machinery is run according to the textile rather than every frock, top, and pair of pants being fed through the same system, which ensures gentle treatment. (Ask about the “heirlooming” service for cleaning and boxing precious goods).  Founded in 1914,  the Pasadena launderer has earned a national rep– it even handles clothing for museums and Hollywood wardrobe houses.